OPI 的NL B01 色號英文名是"Strawberried in the sand" - 就是沙中的草莓的意思囉...這色好像最近停產不過找找應該還有蠻多人在賣的.

雖然英文名說是有些草莓的意思...不過我看不大出是怎麼草莓法...並不是鮮紅欲滴的熟透的草莓色...有不是草莓果醬般的透明感, 我只勉強聯想到草莓棒棒糖的那種深粉紅色啊...


這一色是深一點的亮粉紅...充滿夏季味道...適合沙灘的那種粉紅, 帶有一點金粉的金屬般的色澤...並不是俗豔的桃紅感,反而比較偏一小點的珊瑚色..

OPI “Strawberried in the Sand” (code NL B01) is probably on the brighter end of the pink color spectrum that's almost at the edge of my comfort zone. It is a discontinued color so might be a bit hard to find (but definitely not super rare). On some websites it is described as a ‘shimmery peachy orange’ – and I’ve read various reviews saying it’s a coral. However, on my nails it as at best a pink with the tiniest hint of coral. It is not an opaque color nor a creme, in the bottle it looks like a fluidy, semi transparent glossy pink base with a lot of very very fine pink iridescence/ shimmers that flecks a slightly hotter pink and a very subtle gold. It applies translucent in one coat but almost full color in 3 coats. Overall on the nail it doesn't look good with one translucent coat because the tip of your nailtip will show. (see picture below).

One coat is quite sheer:  一層是有點透明的 With 2 coats: 兩層後就很發色.. 一般來說我蠻怕擦鮮艷的色彩,很容易就變的有點俗...不過這色不虧是OPI 的價格...它本身的金色細粉折射的光澤讓它就是很夏天的開朗色..幾乎有點像珍珠般的折射..質感也是OPI出名的滑順易擦...

I find with brighter colors, it's easy for something to look tacky..and OPI somehow does give this color a little bit extra ommph with the unusual glossy base infused with the shimmers. The shimmers are extremely fine, melts into the base color completely, it's not big enough to make the shade a metallic or foil nor is it opaque enough to make the shade a frost. I would definitely characterise this as a pearl or more of a fine iridescence. Here you can see the pearly flash:

有些角度看起來有點珊瑚橘感,我想在不同的膚色上有些人的橘感可能會比較重,這色還是算暖色. Under some angles I suppose I see a bit more coral:

However with 2 or 2 coats, it's a luscious, rich, summery pink, I wouldn't say it's really like a natural strawberry, maybe what you'd imagine artificial strawberry lollies might look like, it's almost slightly flourescent pink (but not that extreme bright). Definitely more a summer bright color.

最近的手曬黑了整整兩色深 ,不知道白點的時候這色適不適合...並不是我百分百的愛用色...我好像就是不適合太亮的色啊...

 I have a slight difficult time figuring out whether this pink suits me- my hand is literally 2 or 3 shades darker than rest of my body (went kayaking and the suncreen totally wore off). Here's a comparison of my hand versus my normal skintone on my arm. The color's probably wearable for both those who are pale or those awho are tanned, but definitely for those who can embrace slightly brighter shades. Overall, not my top color pink, but it's rather fun and interesting summery color if you are looking for a change from bright neon pink or fuschias.


What are your other favorite summery pinks?


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