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蒐集彩妝不過兩三年的時間,看遍個大彩妝blog後也很想慢慢開始分享一些東西,最早接觸彩妝應該是從MUA (開始,後來陸續找到台灣一堆很棒的blog去. 中英都看的懂的問題就是敗家也是二倍數的 ... >.<


在開始完整的發表文章之前,問卷調查一下: (先撒些誘餌...等著發文的無敵Paul&Joe彩妝山- 少部分而已喔...)

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1. 膚質/年齡/粉底色號? (Skin type/ age/ foundation shades)

26 years old, ultra sensitive and easily congested acne-prone skin, gets oily easily but very dehydrated. Usually spend most of the day in air-conditioned offices. Skin tend to look sallow when not well-rested.

Serious black undereye issues due to hereditary nasal allergies coupled with eyebags and puffy eyes, also have some problems with sparse light freckles or pigmentation.

Skintone is fair Asian skintone, usually wear the lightest shade in Japanese brand foundations or second lightest shade in Western brands. I tend to pick neutral shades that's neither yellow or pink based.

Known foundation shades:

Albion #10 (exage chiffon foundation)

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