MAC 有色護唇膏是20097月 Baby Bloom 系列限量產品, 含有10ml。零售價為14.50USD。比唇彩更像有色護唇膏,我選擇了'Full of Grace'色, 它看上去像這次粉紅色系列中深的玫瑰色.
MAC Full of Grace Suntints Liquid Lip Balm is a limited edition product from the MAC Baby Bloom collection in 2009. Retails for 14.50USD.

潤唇膏是斜管頭, 本身味道有點甜,像很淡的香草味,但如果任何人熟悉Prada 護唇膏的氣味,MAC這隻幾乎一模一樣, 有一點防曬護唇膏味, 並不特別喜歡或討厭這種味道囉.
護唇膏本身其實非常透明,並無法完全蓋過我有些沉黯的唇色. 在我的嘴唇上只有很輕微的粉紅色調,偏中性色調,不暖不冷的色,應該很適合所有唇色的人.
MAC Suntints are limited edition releases. They are truly more like tinted lipbalm than lipgloss, it doesn't have the typical tacky or thick texture you see in most lipglosses.

The shade I picked was 'Full of Grace', which looked like the most pigmented medium pink shade available out of the collection, in fear of lack of pigmentation following reading reviews online. MAC describes the shade as a 'soft sheer rose' which is relatively accurate- I would say although it looks rosy in the tube it's more a pink though.

MAC suntints lip balm comes in a squeeze plastic tube with slanted applicator, it contains 10ml and has SPF20.
The suntint itself smells a little bit sweet, like the lightest hint of vanilla, however if anyone's familiar with the scent Prada lipbalms, this smells and tastes almost exactly the same! There's that light sunscreen scent of some sort. I don't particular love it, but don't find it intrusive to the nose either.

The packaging cannot be faulted in terms of convenience and ease of application, but it's not super appealing and a tad too plastic for me.

Ingredients: 成份:

The shade 'Full of Grace' is a medium neutral pink, however once on the lips, it only gives the slightest pink tint. Swatch below under different lights.
裸唇: 去紐西蘭幾天...唇嚴重龜裂中,嘴唇還在康復..

Photo of bare lips: (went hiking for a few days in New Zealand and suffered some serious chapping, lip still recovering so there are some discolourations).

 本來以為這色會偏紫(完全是我的罩門色...) 不過還好上在唇上是非常淡的粉玫瑰色,很基本的百搭色. 可以看到嘴角的沉黯蓋不大住,不過唇是有澎一點.

Photo with MAC full of grace suntints- can tell the light pigmentation means suntints does not entirely cover the uneveness in color. It gives my lips a very slight pink tint, neutral toned, not really warm and not really cool. I initially thought the shade had a tinge of mauve (which is a base shade I can never wear)- but on application it's just a true sheer pink.

在唇上感覺很輕盈,不偏黏也不會油膩或淡到沒感覺的質感. 稍稍的有一點讓嘴唇感覺有點飽滿些,唇紋會不明顯一點.

I like the wear and feel of the balm, it feels light, non-sticky, spreads easily and almost slightly plumps up my lips and blurs any lines. It is not sticky, does not wear off in gooey bits when I drink or talk. Wears off evenly. 10ml is really quite a generous amount since all you need is a small amount. It is also lightly moisturising- it feels fine on my super dry and sensitive lips even without another lipbalm underneath.


Having a SPF during summer is always a plus too!


The collection comes with a total of 5 suntint shades:

(左至右 left to right:)
Lilt of Lily – Soft Creamy Pale Pink  奶油淡粉紅色
Pinktinge – Clean Bright Yellow Pink with Gold Pearl 帶金色亮粉的暖粉紅色
Full of Grace – Soft Sheer Rose 透明淡玫瑰色
Just A Smidge – Soft Pastel Yellow with Multi-Coloured Pearl  帶亮粉的金黃色
Moist Plum – Light Lilac with Very Fine Pearl 帶有少許亮粉的淡紫丁香色


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