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 Shu phantasm mini nail trio (3).JPG 

Shu phantasm mini nail trio (9).JPG

植村秀2009春妝綺光遐想迷你炫甲組$800NT. 分為"紫丁幻影"還有"藍色狂想".

春妝是走粉嫩路線的"療癒系性靈美妝",總之是粉粉嫩嫩的色系. 每色是5ml,平常全容量的單隻指甲油是10ml.

While I'm compiling other Spring collection posts I thought I'd better keep the blog's a quick one!

This is the Spring 2009 Shu Uemura collection which includes two limited edition nail polish trio sets (they are a fair bit smaller than the full sized  Shu Uemura nail polishes, exactly half the size- 5ml each, full sized ones are 10ml). Retails for 800NT in Taiwan, which is about 24USD.

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 SR lips (5).JPGSR lips (20).JPG



Sonia Rykiel 2008 Christmas limited edtion collection is called the "Pink Kiss Collection". Features a range of products with the pink lips signature print in the middle, including 2 eyeglosses, 3 nailpolishes, 3 lipgloss pots and this "Face Powder 01" (I think that's it for this compact's official English name, strange least for the Chinese name they made up a name along the lines of 'Mysterious Kiss Sparkly Contour Compact").

全品有6.3g,不算小, 不過台幣1680的價錢有點些過份 , 是這樣介紹的:


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